How it Works

Through our custom API integration, our software will sync directly with your online shopping cart to automatically export our products to your site for you to sell and then automatically import your orders for us to fulfill.

1. Find Products

Once you have signed up and are approved you will get an email from us with directions on how to integrate your website to our portal.

2. Import products to your Online store

You will easily hooked up your website to our portal. Simply put your website domain address in and you will receive a request from shopify to connect the Awareness Dropshipping app.

3. Sell on your website

You will decide what products you want to sell on your website. Each product will have up to date inventory, your cost as well as a suggested retail price. Those products and information will be pushed to your site.

4. We ship the order

When a customer places an order, you get paid and the order will be sent to us to fulfill. You will receive a email saying we received an order and a wallet request for payment.

5. Raise Money

You will need to pay via a credit card, paypal, bank transfer or purchase order (by approval only) in order for us to fulfill the order. Once the payment has been made, we will blind ship the item out. Order processing is 2-3 days.

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